Nomos Tangente 38

So, following on from my previous post, I took the plunge and bought an actual watch. A gallery of the unboxing is below.

Why did I choose Nomos? Well, they’re a relative newcomer to the market, priced in a medium range and they provide in-house movements built in their facility in Glashütte, Germany. Price, beauty (remember, I wanted to go for a minimalist bauhaus style) and a story to tell are why I went with Nomos.

The sheer beauty provided in both the watch, the mechanics therein, and the presentation they give when you buy it really demonstrates what Nomos is all about. They even have a few light hearted comments within their materials sent to new customers, which shows the company ethos within. Nomos are providing life-lasting products, but they know they’re selling lifestyle products. In other words, jewellery. Rolex, Omega & other brands still lean into their lengthy histories to tell a story of watches being used as tools, but Nomos is, at least, being honest with their customers.

Enough of the posturing, what’s it like?

Well, on the wrist it’s lovely. It’s very light compared to other watches I own (granted, they’re of a cheaper variety) and the style of the watch and the smoothness of the second-hand make me stare at it all too regularly. The Cordovan leather strap is nice, but the shine it provides makes it look cheaper than it is. I’ll likely replace it with something with a more brown tan colour.

The lugs on most Nomos watches are a little big when you inspect them, leaving a strange gap between the watch face & the strap, but this makes sense when the watch is on the wrist. The Tangente 38 is in-or-around the average size Nomos provides, which is against the grain of the 42+ diameter sizes most other manufactures produce. The lugs compensate on larger wrists to make the watch not look puny when worn. Basically, you get used to it.

I quite like that it’s not hugely noticeable. It’s not a fashion statement watch or anything like that. It’s subtle, which comes with the territory of bauhaus. That said anyone I know has been given the full lowdown on what the watch is, etc. etc.

I’m still sold on the Nomos Metro as being my wedding watch, despite it being more casual, but it’s lovely. I think I may begin a collection and get the Omega Speedmaster Professional. The second hand market prices aren’t bad, and the watch is a classic. And it looks good!

So yeah, I’m all-in with watches. And no, I won’t be getting the Apple Watch.